Our aim is for prayer to underpin everything we do as a church whether it is cleaning, serving, worship, vision or mission. The power of prayer can transform lives, build up our church and change the world.

All that make up the Body of Christ in Burniston are in contact with others yet to know Jesus when they leave the church building. In some of our services we lift up in prayer groups or individuals to be strengthened in the Holy Spirit for the week ahead in their communities and places of work.

Prayer Ministry is offered, whenever possible at the end of each service.

We have a prayer slot in our weekly “notices” with short prayers covering a wide variety of subject matters and situations.

A Sacred Space/ Prayer corner is available whenever the church is open for personal time with God.

There are opportunities for group prayer as follows

  • Occasional Prayer days – All invited and welcome
  • Prayer 4 Church ; 3rd Thursday afternoon of each month – All invited and welcome
  • Cracked Pots; Thursday afternoons except 3rd – Women with non Christian women praying together (room for more)
  • Prayer in House Groups and Bible Study Groups
  • Ad hoc; spontaneous group prayer as need arises – great to see and be part of
  • Prayer before “Coffee Stop”; Volunteers at our coffee shop pray on a Thursday morning but no reason why others can’t join in.
  • Monday morning prayer meeting 7.30am to 8.30am


Specific prayer needs can be requested via the prayer board in the church entrance but please do not leave sensitive information as it is a public place.

The Prayer Chain is a response to urgent prayer needs and can be accessed through anyone on the chain. Further information is on the church notice board.