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Back in April last year I began to ask the young people (and parents) connected with church if they would be interested in taking part in a Community Aid project in Mexico – to build a house for an otherwise homeless family in the Tijuana district of Mexico – to be started and completed in 10 days!

Urban Saints, the Christian organisation arranging it all said everybody who went on it came back saying it was a life changing experience.

Imagine my surprise and delight when not 1 or 2 people expressed interest but 16! God really does exceed all our expectations. So then the idea became a reality.

Every person needed to raise £1200 – a total of a mere £20,400 and we had 9 months to raise it.

Various grants and donations from church, the Lions, individuals and trusts meant that we had to raise £15000 and we have had so much fun raising it all.

To begin with none of the 13 young people (Iain, Joanne, Andrea and I may feel like youngsters but we do actually know we‘re not) didn’t particularly know each other that well – except for the brothers and sisters in the group (3 lots). However, over the last 9 months of fundraising we have all come to appreciate and enjoy each other’s company, humour and skills and now can hardly believe that WE ARE ACTUALLY GOING.

So many, many thanks to all of you who have supported us financially and prayerfully over the last months – what could have been a headache has actually been really good fun – although car washing in sub-zero temperatures was not that hilarious! We are now practising our Spanish, thanks to Josephina teaching us some useful phrases such as ‘Watch out the wood is falling ‘

We would now really value your prayers for each of us as we embark on this trip of a lifetime. Please pray that God will use it and us to make a difference to a family but also that our lives will be changed as we allow God to speak to us.


Many many thanks.

Mary (co leading with Iain, Joanne and Andrea)

Mexico News archive

Here is a google calendar of the week’s programme


A video from one of the teams that went last year…

And these are the young people who are going:

Jack (17yrs)

I decided to go on the Mexico Rebuild trip because it will be a life changing experience and I expect I will never get a chance to experience something like this again ever, in my life, and it is with a bunch of amazing people.

I hope to get a lot out of the trip – Seeing such a different way of life I hope it makes us all realise just how lucky we are and what a little bit of determination and good will can do to change the life of a less wealthy family and area, and I expect this will make us all think twice and not take for granted everyday things such as making a cup of tea.

I would like people to pray when we are on the trip. I would like you to pray that we can make a difference to the family and make a difference to ourselves meaning all our hard work has paid off. Also pray that everything goes according to plan and we have a safe and life changing experience.



Hi, I am in year 10 at St. Augustine school and am interested in Science and Maths. I am a member of Scarborough Air Cadets, currently working towards a leading cadet, mainly getting involved in first aid. I am completing the Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award and the Mexico trip contributes to the volunteering part but I had already decided to go before starting the award.

I have never flown before or left England. I decided to go to Mexico because I wanted to know that I have contributed something to others and to know first hand how lucky we are. I hope that by going I will have a higher appreciation for what I have, a sense of achievement when I see the looks on the family’s faces.

Please pray that I can cope with the heat and arrive and return safely.


Gareth (16 almost 17yrs)

I am studying animal management at Askham Bryan College, which has a centre at Scarborough Sixth Form. My interests include motor sports and being a member of Scarborough Rugby Club’s under 17 ‘s team.

The reason I want to go to Mexico is to experience a trip of a lifetime where I can not only experience a new culture but also help a loving family and community by building a house that is desperately needed. I intend to take great pride in the work that the team are involved with.

Please pray for the Mexico team and the family we will be working with during the time we are away.


Jacob (16yrs)

I am a competitive cyclist and like photography, music (piano and bass) cooking, DIY, sports science, modern medicines, culture, modern foreign language and health.

I wanted to go to Mexico because throughout my school life I hear everyday how an individual can make a difference to somebody on the other side of the world, through the smallest gestures imaginable. However, I have yet to be able to see for myself what that difference can be. Rebuild Mexico I hope will open my eyes to the reality out there and not just change their lives but mine too.

From the very first car wash fundraiser to the last, I have hoped to gain a connection with people who, like me, want to change the lives of others, as well as their own. I know the trip to Mexico will strengthen this relationship I have and develop it further. I have yet to experience the conditions in which cultures outside of the United Kingdom live in. Rebuild Mexico 2012 I hope will change this, and give a story to tell, influencing others to follow a similar path, following the footsteps of Jesus.

I would like you to pray that the group have a safe journey to Mexico and back. I would appreciate everyone to join me in prayer for the sick, especially my sister who is undergoing a traumatic time with a brave face. As she gives so much to other and doesn’t expect anything in return, I feel it’s my chance to give what I can with the help of others, to allow God to hear our words and acknowledge our feelings. With thanks to all.


Rachel (19yrs)

I am interested in sports and exercise.

I jumped at the opportunity to go on the Mexico trip because I’ve always wanted to help and provide opportunities for poor disadvantaged people anywhere in the world whether it’s by coaching sport or distributing aid. I now have the privilege of helping change the lives of a Mexican family by building them a new home and I couldn’t be more excited.

I hope that I can come away from Mexico with a more loving perspective on life, better understanding of Mexican culture and that I can really appreciate things that I sometimes take for granted.

I would like people to pray that God’s blessing is upon us whilst we are building the house so that we manage to do a good job and finish on time.

Lewis (15yrs)

I want to go to Mexico because it will definitely be a life changing experience for both us and the people we are helping in Mexico. Helping a family who are highly in poverty will help change their lives for the better. The people who we are helping probably did not do anything to become poor; they were just born into a poor family. They cannot help it so I think helping those less fortunate that can’t help it will be good. Also we will learn new skills like construction, maybe some Spanish and teamwork.

We have done a lot of fundraising to be able to go. Lots and lots of carwashes! We have also done lots of evenings like the pie evening, the Mexican night and the Christmas dinner. We also did a sponsored Go Kart night!. We also have people donating. The Lions donated £1000 to help us along with others.

I want people to pray for those who are living in poverty and who are less fortunate. These people a lot of the time cannot help being poor.


Jordan (17yrs)

I enjoy playing and listening to music, watching films and reading. After a year out I want to go to university to study Theology and perhaps Philosophy, subjects which extremely fascinate me.

When I heard about the Mexico Rebuild trip I knew straight away that it was a fantastic opportunity that I wanted to be part of. Not being a regular member of Burniston Methodist church I was initially worried about my inclusion in the trip. I didn’t want it to look like a stranger had just turned up for a trip to Mexico. However, I was very wrong, both me and my brother were immediately welcomed and made a full part of the trip since the very start. Each fundraising event has brought me close r to the group and I know I’m extremely fortunate to be going on such a rewarding expedition with these people!

I’m very sure that Rebuild will change me as a person in numerous ways. So far in my life I haven’t had the opportunity to give anything back, or rather, I have focussed mainly on my own ambition. Now I have been presented with the opportunity to aid a worthy cause I am extremely motivated to put all I can into it.

I would like people to pray that as a group we maintain our motivation. I’m sure at times the conditions will be a bit of a shock to the system but I hope we have the strength to make the most of them and look at the bigger picture. I’m sure we will; washing cars in minus temperatures has no doubt toughened us up!

Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us along the way.



Ruth (18)

I can’t wait to experience the Mexican culture and a different way of life. I’m really looking forward to meeting the families too and all the other groups who are going to be there. I think the highlight will be when we hand the keys over to the family we’ve come to know! It’s been great fun doing the fundraising and we’re so grateful for all the support. I can’t wait to come back and tell everybody about the trip!

Please can you pray that we will all get on well as a group and that God will work with each one of us, including the family there, and we will be inspired and challenged by the trip. Oh and also that no scorpions give us a visit in the night… Love from Ruth x


Matt (15yrs)

I am in my last year at St. Augustines School and am interested in music and drama.

I wanted to go on the Mexico Rebuild trip as I want to be able to help those people who are less fortunate than me and Rebuild provides that opportunity.

I would like people to pray that I am able to do a good job, that we are all kept safe in our travelling and while we are out in Mexico.


Adam (17yrs)

I am studying Musical Theatre at York College and my interests include performing – singing, dancing, acting and songwriting.

I wanted to go on the trip to Mexico to prove to myself that I can tackle anything, that when I see a challenge I can face it head on rather than running scared. I hope that at the end of the Mexico trip I will have gained some understanding of other cultures as well as me being able to give something back to those who have less than me so that I can be truly grateful for what I have now and not take it for granted.

I would like people to pray that I have the mental, physical and spiritual strength to cope with everything involved in the trip as it will certainly be a test – a test I hope to overcome.


Benedict (17 years)

I am studying Health and Social Care at Yorkshire Coast College and my
interests include reading, walking, listening to music and playing guitar.

I’ve always loved travelling and when I was offered the chance to go to Mexico
it sounded like the trip of a lifetime and much too good an offer to pass up. I
also enjoy caring for different people and decided to join the rebuild Mexico
to help out those who are less fortunate than me and I’m looking forward to
working hard to make a huge difference to somebody’s life.

I would like people to pray for all our team members and the families in
Mexico and pray that we have a safe and successful trip. I would also like
people to pray for the families of the volunteers back at home and pray God
will protect them and keep them safe and in good health while we are away.

There are actually another 2 of us but we’ve still to write a bit about ourselves – that’ll be next week’s instalment.

The others going are

William (18yrs)

Aimee (18yrs)


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