Boys Brigade

The 4th Scarborough Boys Brigade meet at chapel every Monday evening during school term times.

Anchor Boys (5-8 years) meet from 6-7.30pm, Juniors (9-11 years) also meet 6-7.30pm and Company boys (12-14 years) and Seniors (15-18years) meet from 6-8pm.

We are a small Company who really love to have fun and be as active as possible. Activities each week include many of the familiar traditions from Boys Brigade with lots of games, craft and visits to help broaden our minds, create a better understanding of our world and build solid skills for life. But FUN is the number one priority each week all wrapped up in an unashamedly Christian ethos.

Highlights for this Winter Term 2016:

Sunday 2 Oct:            Founders Day Parade, This year takes place at Queen Street Methodist Church, Scarborough so we hope for a full turnout of boys to march through town on the day and take part in this annual service and commemorative celebration of the founding of Boys Brigade – the first and oldest youth organisation.

Mon 24 Oct                HALF TERM – NO BB

Mon 7 Nov                  Fireworks Night – at church

Sat 12 Nov                 Battalion Sports Competition, Juniors/Company/Seniors, full day, five-a-side football and team games and cross country run. Held in Airedale a chance to compete against all the other Companies in the Yorkshire Battalion.

Sat 19 Sun 20 Nov:    Church Sleepover – Juniors/Company/Seniors sleepover at church with the usual fun and games! Probably not a lot of sleep…! Then all join in and help lead the Sunday morning service.

Mon 12 Dec                Christmas Party Night (final night before Christmas holiday)

Mon 9 Jan 2017         Return to BB following Christmas break

If you want to get involved come along any Monday evening and have a chat.

Georgette Donoghue