Church ‘Big Summer Clean’

Hoping that more people will be able to help this year, the annual Church ‘Big Clean’ will take place over various sessions through August.

  • Thursday 16th August, 1.30 to 4.30pm
  • Monday 20th August, 1.30 to 4.30pm
  • Friday 31st August, 9am-12noon (if needed)

Please note the dates and come and help if/when you can. Drinks and snacks will be provided!
Thanks, Ken (Property Steward)

Fundraising Car Wash

Thursday 16th August, 10.00am-12noon
During Coffee Stop the young people will be running a car wash to raise money for their Scoughall Challenge trip to Scotland. So, bring your car, eat some cake & support a good cause!

Prayer Fayre drop-in @ Burniston

Saturday 18th August, 2pm until 4.30-ish
Part of “HolyHabits”. See poster for details.
Prayer stations aim to be multi-sensory.
All are welcome, including children accompanied by an adult. Any further offers of baking, help serving refreshments, setting up or clearing up and welcoming for this event will be greatly appreciated.

Message From Lizzie

I am collecting an offering at Church this week for my trip to China! The money that is collected will help go towards the charity and orphanage I am working at in China, to help pay for medicines, games, toys, and much more. My trip is linked with  International China Concern, which is a Christian charity, that works with disabled, and neglected children in local orphanages. I will be in Hengyang (Southern China), volunteering in a team of 20 from all over the world.

I would be extremely grateful for any offering financially on Sunday but more so in Prayer!

I fly out to Hong Kong on the 8th August before my volunteering begins on the 12th August when I meet the team in Hong Kong. I am then travelling on the 13th to Hengyang where I begin to volunteer for two weeks. I then finish my volunteering on the 25th August but stay out in China to travel before I return home on the 13th September.

I ask that you can pray for my safety, that I am able to demonstrate Gods love and compassion, and that I am able to enjoy my experience in a whole new culture!!!

UrbanSaints Rebuild 2020 & 2021

Mary is organising some more trips with UrbanSaints Rebuild (S.Africa in July 2020 and Mexico Easter 2021). Would you like to take part? You will need to be almost 16 and over by July 2020 (for S. Africa trip), and 13yrs and over for Mexico trip. Fundraising will need to start 2019 as likely cost works out approx £1800 per person, but we raise it all together.
To find out more look at UrbanSaints rebuild website or YouTube clips . Everyone welcome. Initial meeting after summer holidays.