Message From Lizzie

I am collecting an offering at Church this week for my trip to China! The money that is collected will help go towards the charity and orphanage I am working at in China, to help pay for medicines, games, toys, and much more. My trip is linked with  International China Concern, which is a Christian charity, that works with disabled, and neglected children in local orphanages. I will be in Hengyang (Southern China), volunteering in a team of 20 from all over the world.

I would be extremely grateful for any offering financially on Sunday but more so in Prayer!

I fly out to Hong Kong on the 8th August before my volunteering begins on the 12th August when I meet the team in Hong Kong. I am then travelling on the 13th to Hengyang where I begin to volunteer for two weeks. I then finish my volunteering on the 25th August but stay out in China to travel before I return home on the 13th September.

I ask that you can pray for my safety, that I am able to demonstrate Gods love and compassion, and that I am able to enjoy my experience in a whole new culture!!!