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Double edition (thanks Julie)

Burniston Methodist Church – 16th July 2017

The theme of worship today was based on Colossians 1:15-18 – the Supremacy of the Son of God. The worship explored our role in the world and encouraged us to encounter the living loving God by knowing Jesus, the human form of God, thus following his example of servant-hood as a foundation on which to build our communities and live together as one body for the good of mankind.

A talk on the importance of Prayer as part of our role in the world was given via a DVD link by Malcolm Duncan who also led prayers of intercession for the UK and the world.

Songs of worship included Speak O Lord, O God of Love, Lord You Have My Heart, Restore O Lord (the wonder of your name) and Breathe on me Breath of God.

The service concluded with The Sharing of The Grace.

Next Worship Services: Sunday 23rd July 9.30 (traditional) and 11.00 am (contemporary) – with coffee and cake served between the two.

Coffee Stop open (in church cafe) Thursdays 10am-12noon – for the surrounding community and walkers – free drink and cake with donations going to our selected charity each month.

Canasta Card Game at 2pm every Tuesday (with board games on last Tuesday of month) – for the surrounding community – 20p includes drink and biscuits. This event is in the Communal Lounge, Wandales Drive, Burniston, YO13 0HE.

All welcome.

See website for weekly events and groups at this thriving, lively church.

(See also the utube clip on ‘The Image of God’ used as part of this morning’s worship). (

Burniston Methodist Church – 9th July 2017

The theme of worship today was about opening our eyes to see who Jesus is – based on Matthew 11:16-30. Following the opening prayer and introduction to the theme, two children volunteered to be blindfold and guided to the whiteboard with pens at the ready. The worship leader whispered (the same word) to both children and they were asked to draw an image of the word. Both drew the same thing (a flower) yet both interpreted it differently. The point being that whilst both could draw the flower without seeing, if they had not been blindfold they would have added much more detail. This activity was to demonstrate how we can interact more fully with Jesus by opening our eyes and our hearts.

The Sermon today was delivered by Mrs. Kath Charter, local preacher from Fylingthorpe Methodist Church, who preached on seeing things from a different perspective based on Matthew 11:16-30. She outlined the scenario of the G20 where leaders were in discussion about climate change and giving different viewpoints depending on their belief; one side believing climate change is not happening whilst the other claims that it is. Perhaps those who don’t believe it will advise the people of the world to carry on as they are; whereas those who do believe it will advise on measures to make it right by lifestyle changes.

This is similar to the people’s thinking regarding Jesus in the bible reading. Those who believed the words of John the Baptist when he said the Messiah would come were those whose eyes and hearts were open to recognise Jesus. They had the desire to change their way of life to be more like him and to show the love of God through their lifestyles and behaviour towards others, ie, show the love of Jesus to all they meet; whereas those whose eyes and hearts were not open believed what the Pharisees were saying, ie, that Jesus was not the Messiah who John the Baptist had spoken of, he was not God’s son.

The Pharisees said these things because they did not want to obey rules. However, Jesus does not want us to follow rules either, he simply leads by example and wants the best for us. He loves us as we are, warts and all. It is only when we come to know Jesus through an individual relationship with him that we have a desire to change for ourselves and tell others the good news. He is the way, the truth and the life.

Prayers of intercession incorporated all that unfolded during the service and concluded with Blindness and Sight, a poem by Gerard Kelly about opening our eyes and hearts.

Relevant songs led by our contemporary worship band and singers included Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord, Hide Me Now, My Hope is Built on Nothing Less (Cornerstone), Ten Thousand Reasons. The service concluded with a blessing from the preacher and the sharing of The Grace.