The money we recently sent to the Methodist Relief & Development Fund from Seeds Cafe and from retiring collections has been gratefully acknowledged and the following information provided about how it is being used:
Gifts are helping to provide food, water and temporary shelters to displaced people in Somalia and refugees at the Dabaab camp in Kenya. People are also receiving clothes, blankets and water cans. Children under 5 years old, who are at high risk of acute malnutrition, are receiving nutrient-rich foods to supplement their diets. We are also helping to provide families in the Oromia region of Ethiopia with food and malarial medication. Donations continue to support our ongoing work in Mali, where recurring droughts leave people vulnerable to chronic food shortages. MRDF partners are helping communities to mitigate future drought risks by setting up seed banks, improving access to water and ruinnign workshops on vegetable growing.
Thank you again for your generosity.